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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Harvey Norman and Shoes

Harvey Norman made me so angry today!! I preordered the Sims 3 Collector’s Edition online around 15 days ago through the harvey norman website. In which an auto email was immediately sent to me saying that a store representative would call me by 3rd June to confirm my preorder. And so i waited.

At 3 odd this afternoon, i decided to give the Harvey Norman store at Bondi a call, since that was where i had nominated as my preferred store to pick up from. The girl on the line was friendly but they had no idea about any preorder or whatsoever that i was talking about. All she was able to tell was that they had 1 collector’s edition on order and yet she had no idea when it was due to arrive. 

Seemingly, i am not the only one. I went online and found others who also preordered, called their store, and the people in the store had no idea what the hell they were talking about!!

I’m now just afraid that they might not have the collector’s edition anymore since i’ve checked a few places online and the collector’s edition have disappeared from the websites.

Anyways, i will be going down to Bondi Junction tomorrow to see if the shops there stock the collector’s edition and if i can get a good price. I only preordered Harvey Norman’s one because it was $99.

OK. That’s that. I, rather we, are also upset about something else.

The floors in our apartment are carpeted, even if they are not,

What is the polite thing to do when you enter someone’s house?! TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!!!!

The people here, they don’t take off their shoes when they enter the house!! They walk all over the house with their shoes that who knows what they’ve stepped on!!

I’ve had builders, plumbers, property agents who don’t have the decency to take off their shoes! Oh, i think there’s this stupid thing that protects workers and so that are not supposed to take off their shoes – stupid and stupid.

Even if there is a cultural clash somewhere along the line, isn’t it only basic courtesy? We’re not even asking them to wash their feet or anything! I guess maybe different cultures have different attitudes, but back in Singapore, everyone takes their shoes off when entering any house at all. It is not polite and not showing respect to the person who has the hard job of cleaning the floors. Guests are all also expected (actually, its a natural thing to do) to take off their shoes, regardless of who the hell you are!

I wouldn’t dream of going into someone’s house without taking off my shoes unless told so – it is so rude.

Anyway, that’s all the ranting for today.

By the way, tomorrow is the last day of uni for this semester!! – oh…and the insistence of saying uni instead of school – as if it makes a very big difference.

That’s all – Bye!


  1. I did the same thing, but I wasn't going to be at home to answer the phone so I went to Harvey Norman BJ myself and I THINK it's the same case so I pre-ordered at the store itself. They said it was $120, but I said it was $99 on the site so they let me have it for that price. I think I might be the person who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. I came back on the 4th and they tell me that the USB wasn't in the Collector's Edition box and that they will call me! I come back again and then another worker tells me that they might have it in 3 WEEKS! So not worth the $20 dollar difference. Not only that, there's a 20% cancellation fee. )=

  2. I pre-ordered the collector's edition at BJ as well.. they said they only had 1 CE on order. Anyways, fish bought the standard edition from Harvey Norman instead - it was ard $84. So, you're gonna have to wait for so long?

  3. Yes very looooong. Until now I still don't have and I'm tired of asking them every time I go to Bondi Junction. GAH.