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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey guys… haven been updating in a very very long time. I definitely have pictures etc that i want to share, but for now, i’ll just leave you guys with a summary.

1. I nearly burnt (rather, smoked) the house down. And destroyed an expensive pot.

2. I am actually watching soccer right now! Ever since my first match between Brazil and USA (not the finals – i am watching the finals replay now) in the Confederations Cup. I have so far watched 2 full games – the first was 91 minutes (i think) and the one i watched 2 days ago between Spain and South Africa was nearly 130 minutes. The adrenaline is amazing.

3. Had 2 of Shi Hui’s friends come over for dinner – we had alcohol (moscato – very weak), stewed pork belly (which i cooked, but was not up to my expectations), brownies (also not up to my expectations) – hai……

4. Made porridge using a new method – which was relatively successful – though not all i had hoped for.

5. The first reason why i had stopped blogging for a while was because i got sick with the flu – wasn’t swine flu – didn’t see a doctor but recovered in around a week or so.

6. Oh – about soccer again – i think Kaka from the Brazil team is kinda cute. (OK, now i sound like shi min..haha) I think i actually like his name more.

7. We have a new member of our soft toy family. We have Tiggy, Foggy and finally….Tattle! He’s the youngest of the family and other than his shell and belly, he is green! I shall take a picture and show it to guys one day. With Tattle, Foggy has become the older brother and Tiggy is now Uncle Tiggy.

8. I made Black Glutinous Rice today – one of my favourite desserts and breakfast foods. It was surprisingly easy and tasted good!

9. I am starting to dabble a little in make up. But i am the ultra lazy type – so i just want something that is easy and quick.

10. I can’t think of anything else i think. By the way, it’s not going so well for Brazil at the moment – it’s USA 2 Brazil 0.

11. Me and Hui will be going back to Singapore this Wednesday (1st July) till the 13th July. It was a sudden unplanned trip. But still, i am quite excited about going back but yet at the same time, Fish will be staying here all alone.. what a poor darling… he’s got Tattle and Tiggy to accompany him though.. =)

12. My cousin is having a third child – a little baby girl – sometime soon.

13. I bought a new jacket from Myers. It’s a Ben Sherman navy blue jacket that i soooo totally adore! Fish liked a skirt from Ben Sherman for me as well, but i decided to just get the jacket. The next day, we went to the Ben Sherman store at Bondi and found the last skirt of the same size (lucky me) at a $30 discount! YAY!

14. Oh – and with no malice at all – the South African supporters look really really amusing at the Confederations Cup. Esp when South Africa lost against Spain.

15. Fish just told me a gruesome bit of history regarding soccer – dunno if it’s true or not though.

16. I think soccer players must do loads of leap frogs – judging by the amount of jumping over other soccer players.

17. Brazil’s goal keeper just made a very funny face after losing a free kick. Haha…

18. oK….this is becoming a soccer-logue. I shall stop here and concentrate on the game. Hopefully i didn’t miss out anything.

See you guys in Singapore! Auf Wiedersehen.

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