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Sunday, August 01, 2010

The joys of living in a high rise apartment. and etc.

The wind is wonderful today!

It is so cooling, so alluring.. it gets so cold, but yet when it leaves you want it back so badly.

It is such a great Sunday. I’ve even passed up on a sponsored shopping trip just to stay home, enjoy the breeze and relax.

Last year, we were still living in our rented landed house. and it was hell. it was hot hot hot. nothing but hot. it was one of the worst places i’ve ever lived in. but now moving to our new apartment on the 7th floor. the wind is delectable. and and.. just to distract from the wind. i get to watch the Food Network on SCV! The lousy landed house didn’t have cabling done and we didn’t have access to SCV for nearly 2 years!!

My new house is a condo called Braddell View in .. obviously.. Braddell. It is quite an old condo. It is a huge estate with loads of greenery – which my dad loves loves. all our houses always have greenery. as many of you would know, our previous condo was ‘Green Meadows’. the concept of the condos are similar and both were huge estates – but i think this one is bigger – or maybe just more high rise buildings.

Our lift actually says..’thank you for waiting’ haha. the first time we heard it i didn’t think that it was really the lift – i thought it was someone’s phone making noise. haha

7th floor is quite ok. though it’s the lowest we’ve ever stayed in – if i try very hard to erase the memory of the landed house. The first HDB we stayed in was on the 24th floor. that was awesome.

Then we moved to green meadows and that was on the 8th floor. and now Braddell View at the 7th floor.

a little higher could be better. but i’m happy. i don’t sweat when i sleep at night. and waking up in the morning is so comfy and it brings a smile to my face when i’m snug under the blanket with foggy. and my body feels cool and dry. instead of uncomfortable and sticky. the only thing left now is to get a better quality bedsheet.

My mum bought this very cute bedsheet when she was at Brunei. and it really is cute. the only thing is. it was scratchy. when i first came back – it was uncomfortable. it was so scratchy.. but i got used to it. and it’s ok now. though not perfect. next quest: get a good bedsheet. oh and a good pillow.

and that’s foggy lying there. so very very cute!

Ooo. since we’re on the way.. below is my first meal eating out.

Eaten at Square 2 i think. Not sure what the building name is – but it’s the one connected to Novena Square. It’s Ban Mian! Not the best but it was the first dish i ate since coming back. and i’ve eaten many more since then! hahaha

Bye for now. We’re going to have yu pian mi fen (鱼片米粉) tonight! I’l be sure to remember to bring me camera!

I’m going to read my book ‘The Book Thief” now. and watch Food Network HD (ch. 468) as well!


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