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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Skinny Pizza (Wheelock Place)


It’s been a while. a real long while. The new year has come and this year is one full of trepidation and fear and hope and all other sorts of emotions for me. I also want to re-start on my blog – i’ve been neglecting it for far too long.

So for my first post in the hopefully-going-to-be-awesome new year, i’m gonna be documenting a place that me and fish like eating at – maybe a little bit more me than fish.

It’s called – as the title of the post suggests – Skinny Pizza. and the branch that i always go to is the one at Wheelock Place. Simply because i prefer to be away from the crowd – i like a place that has enough people to be vibrant and lively but not so much that i wanna get out of there asap.

So, of course, this place specializes in pizza.. but what makes its skinny? It’s low on carbs, because the traditional pizza dough is not present here, what we do have instead, is a base of super thin crunchy layer that still provides the mouth-feel of having some sort of carbohydrates, but yet not so much that you feel incredibly full after a few slices. What it provides instead, is the ability to enjoy and taste the various different flavours of the pizza.

In our case, we decided on “The English Breakfast”.


This has fresh rocket leaves, fried bacon, sautéed mushrooms, a yummo fried egg and shaved parmesan. This has to be one of my favourite-test flavour combo! (I leave the rocket leaves to fish though.. hehe)

With 1 pizza, we obviously need sides! 3 sides for $15.


We have here… Seared Brie Cheese. Which only i will eat because fish doesn’t like to eat brie or blue cheeses. It is not so much seared then fried in a crust of pistachios which i love. 


Truffle Fries! Need i say much more?


1/4 metre long Spicy Chicken Sausage! I love the spiciness. and i love chicken sausage.

And now…. for drinks!


This is the Riverside Raspberry Julep Can-Can Mocktail. $6 each.

I really like this because i love lychees. I can’t exactly remember what there are in this drink – but the lychee flavour is quite prominent and that is what i love about this drink.


Fish chose an alcoholic drink that came in a tiffin. I don’t remember what it is exactly but it tastes quite good and fish liked it.

And thus,

We end our dinner.

Disclaimer: This is actually less than what we would usually eat. cause i wasn’t hungry that day. if i were, i think we might need 2 pizzas!

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