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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bedok Fengshan and the Revolving Restaurant

Today was a tiring day for all of us including Fish. We were all at the warehouse packing and cleaning and attempting to tear up 7 years of documents. It was way too frustrating.

After that, we came home and some of us had a bath and then since we had to fetch Fish home, we decided to go to Fengshan 85 as Fish calls it. It's a hawker centre at Bedok North. We ordered 'orh jian' oyster omelette, hokkien mee, satay, porridge and tang yuan because today is some special occasion that i can't seem to remember. It was a relatively good eat and that clumsy Fish dropped his wallet twice and twice a good person would let him know that he dropped his wallet.

Haven been blogging much because nothing much has been happening.

Yesterday i went to dinner with Fish and his family. We went to the Revolving Restaurant to celebrate Fish's brother's birthday in advance. I didn't wanted to go empty handed and since Fish already bought his bro a Bose headphones, i decided to do what i am currently good at - baking brownies.

I tried to do something a little different. I bought those expensive chocolates from Lumont and added those in the centre of the brownies. However, it wasn't very well-received, everyone still preferred the original ones. The ones this time had a very nice crust which was crunchy yet chewy - don't ask me how i got that effect - i always seem to have a little surprise everytime i bake brownies - there's always a little difference. I gave Fish's brother 3 and so that Fish won't get jealous, i gave him 4. I hope he likes it - at least the original one.

We at the Peking duck at the Revolving Restaurant and it was really quite nice. The view was nothing much - it's only now that it is Christmas that you can see a lighted up Mount Faber and a huge Christmas tree at Vivo City. Fish's family really liked their Gou Pu Li Pao - a handmade pao with pork filling. There was a minimum order of 10 which we finished and they ordered another 10 for me to bring home. We had to wait 40 mins for that because it was freshly made only when we ordered - from the skin to the filling.

Fish's father then brought us to an ice cream shop in Clementi called 'The Daily Scoop', it was nearly 10 but there were still a lot of people eating ice cream in there. We loved their coconut flavour the most and we both got 2 tubs to bring home. The coconut ice cream is adorned with many bits of real coconut - which are fresh and really tastes like those of a fresh young coconut.

That's about it. What are my plans for tml? Studying Latin!

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