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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Converted Earrings!

I finally converted a earring.

I bought this earring at a shop for $3 and went about to convert it. It took cutting my nails, tweezers and a stapler to complete this mission.

The most complains heard about clip-ons are that they are uncomfortable and painful. That is not totally true. The converters i bought are amazingly comfortable. It all depends on quality. I bought a batch of clip-ons from a girl in UK and they were not of good quality which meant that they are not that comfortable. People also don't realise that you can manually widen the curvature of the clip so as to increase or release the tension.

DSC00690  DSC00679

This was a fish hook earring - so i went about to dismantle the fish hooks and the ring that you see on the earring is original. All that i did was to remove the fish hooks and put in place the converters. Takes a little thinking to find weird tools to do the job but it finally happened. I am so happy! Yay!

The converters are really good and i was thinking of maybe selling them or something. Anyways, if you guys have any friends who are interested in clip-ons and converters, LET ME KNOW!

One more thing, i have decided not to perm my hair but to go through the ritual of straightening then curling my hair whenever necessary. I don't do it as well as the hairdresser - but it will do - much better than if i were to leave it alone. =)

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