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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner!

This post may come a little late..but the dinner was really good!



Fish helped cook the dinner as well and so you see 7 sets of everything. I was really quite proud of my soup. Pumpkin Soup! I used a mix of 2 recipes.

We also made pumpkin balls and had sashimi - salmon, swordfish and kingfish. Fish also cooked a dish of rice with eggplant and bacon.

We went to NTUC to buy ingredients and boy is it a disappointment. I couldn't find anything that was necessary for the rice dish that Fish cooked. Originally, it was made using salami and good sausages. However, all we could find at NTUC was bacon and disappointing sausages so the dish didn't turn out as good as expected. It's ok! We will attempt to make this again with better quality ingredients!

I had the pumpkin recipe in my old blog which i have pasted below.

1. 600g Pumpkin or 900g Potato
2. 200g Chicken meat – add pepper, 1/2tbsp salt, 1/2tbsp mirin and sake
3. 1 onion or more if you like
4. 2 eggs
5. Plain flour
6. Rising Flour
6. Bread Crumbs

1. 2tsp salt
2. 3tbsp Potato Starch/Cornflour
3. Pepper

1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces, steam for 10 mins till soft, smash into paste while adding 3tbsp of potato flour.


2. Slice marinated chicken meat and onion into cubes.


3. Heat wok with some oil, fragrant the onion, add in chicken meat, and stir fry until cooked.


4. Mix pumpkin paste, onion, cooked chicken meat and seasoning in a bowl evenly.


5. Roll into balls. Coat with a layer of plain flour+rising flour (in equal quantities), beat egg solution and a layer of breadcrumbs.


6. Deep fry till golden brown then drain well and serve with some tonkatsu sauce. - or, with Fish, its wholegrain mustard(tangy) and Japanese Mayonnaise.

pumpkin balls

The recipe for pumpkin soup may be a little vague cause i didn't really measure everything properly. =)

1. Around 600gm Pumpkin
2. 1.5 litres of water - i used veg stock but i think water will suffice
3. 200gm streaky bacon
4. 1 onion
5. 150ml whipping cream - any cream
6. Herbs, salt and pepper

1. Get rid of the skin of the pumpkin and slice into cubes - or whatever shapes you like.

2. Bake in the oven at 190 degrees for as long as necessary till the pumpkin is soft. I added extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.


3. While baking, fry the bacon and onions together. (Smells really good!)

4. In a pot, add water, the fried bacon and onions, herbs, salt and pepper and the roasted pumpkin together. Place the extra oil from the roasting pan, that really helps to give the colour of the soup as well.

5. Cook till it boils and then simmer it for around 30 minutes.

6. After 30 mins or so, the pumpkin should all be mushed up and breaking up. The soup would look really really pretty and golden colour.

7. Using a blender, blend the soup into a nice creamy soup.


8. Looks really good eh? Taste really good too!

N.B I used veg stock but i realised that the soup is made quite flavourful with the bacon and onions so it is quite possible that water on its own is quite enough.

9. After blending, although cream was not really necessary because the soup is quite creamy already, the cream adds a milky flavour to the soup which i really like and it lightens the colour. Fish added loads of herbs too. Italian seasoning goes very well with pumpkin soup.

Hope some of you try out these recipes! Guaranteed to satisfy!

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