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Friday, January 02, 2009

Provence Bakery!

My dad brought me to Provence Bakery in Holland Village. A quaint little place with freshly baked buns and fresh coffee in a cafe-like atmosphere.

I was way too busy eating to take any pictures but i totally will next time. I regretted didn't buying ALOT..because this is my first visit there.

So far, i am loving everything i tried.

I bought their:
- Brazilian Cheese Buns
- Sesame Cream Cheese/
- Walnut Flower
- Milk Bun
- Something i have no idea - i call it "pi gu" (buttocks!) cause it looks just like!
- Banana Muffin/Bread (This is absolutely wonderful!)

The price is reasonable and the buns are great ... but my only only gripe is that Holland V is so far away from my home!

Try it one day and i hope you'll love it too!

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