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Friday, January 16, 2009

NTUC & Phoon Huat

Yesterday, i decided that it was time to go buy the ingredients for me to bake my almond cookies and brownies.

So, i met fish at NTUC and saw that the ingredients there were left with only but a few. There was no more plain flour – the whole shelve was empty. There is other brands that are slightly more expensive – the brands from USA that i don’t think the general aunty public might have realised were on sale.

I needed baking powder and upon seeing that the brand was ‘Red Man’ and could be bought from Phoon Huat, i decided not to buy it then.

So fish came along and we went to Phoon Huat which is a short walk from AMK Hub. The amount of ppl there was stifling. I managed to grab chocolates, 2 plastic containers etc while fish waited in the queue. Over there, i didn’t see the baking powder so i thought that it’s ok, i’ll just buy at NTUC when i return later.

Guess what. When i returned, the whole part of the shelve dedicated to baking powder is EMPTY. People must really need their baking powder.

I bought a new sugar for my brownies. I’m going to try making brownies with the addition of light muscovado sugar which is brown in color and is said to bring a more fudge like texture to the brownies. Can’t wait to try this sugar out!

This is how it was defined on a website:
Unrefined Light Muscovado is the world's finest light brown soft sugar, with a warm honey colour and creamy fudge flavour. It has a richness and depth of flavour which is unmatched by refined light soft brown sugar.

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