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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Food, Pretty Pictures and Razer!

Guess what Fish bought me?!

A Razer Moray. It's a gaming brand but still i really like it!

DSC00850 DSC00853

If you noticed, there is an airplane attachment as well! So i can bring this on the plane to use as well! Yay! Happy Happy!

Fish came over today and we cooked indian food. Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer.

The recipes are not strict and we just kept changing as we went along so i think i won't provide the recipe but if any of you are interested, let me know.

Sorry that the pictures weren't the best - just a tad lazy. =p

Butter Chicken is basically a sauce with tomatoes, spices, cream and butter.

Palak Paneer is a vegetarian dish made up of spinach and paneer (cheese). I made the paneer myself and it was really easy.

Indian cooking requires much much spices and since i didn't want to buy all the different kinds, i bought a mild curry spice from a brand i don't remember =)

They tasted really great and basically really easy to cook - just the spices are a little troublesome to purchase.

A few weeks ago, Fish also came over and for New Year's Eve, we made Mac and Cheese which everyone really loved. This was my 2nd time making this dish, the first was at our place in Sydney.

Beautiful colours yea?

DSC00768 DSC00772

That's Shi Min putting on the breadcrumb mixture with cheese and that's the final product before going into the oven!

That's the final Mac & Cheese. On the bottom left is deep fried popcorn chicken that we bought frozen from the supermarket. The one at the top is Fish's creation of Cheddar Sausages wrapped with a slice of bacon. It's really rich and good - maybe just a tad too rich. =)

I'm not sure where i placed my recipe but i'll post it once i find it.

I tweaked the recipe by adding Johnsonville Sausages and tomato paste which gives it a slight tangy taste to counteract the creaminess of the original - which can sometimes be too overwhelming and quick to get sick of. This way, everyone can eat more without getting sick of all the cream and cheese. Oh, and the recipe called for parmesan but the supermarket somehow had none of those and so i replaced it with romano which seemed to work perfectly well. 

Okie then..that's all for today. I know i haven been posting regularly - i'll try to do that more often. Can't wait for the day i return to Sydney!

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