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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dim Sum!

I love love love dim sum @ Marigold Restaurant in Chinatown.

We’ve been there many times. but on this occasion, we went there on a Sunday (2nd Jan 2010). The whole place was packed full of people. It was the first time that we had been there and the place was overflowing with loads of people queuing up. We usually go on weekdays so it’s never crowded. and i think, we will stick to weekdays.

Still, the food is great. service is acceptable, just don’t expect too much.

We have definite favourites that we will order every single time. unless otherwise noted.

So, i brought my camera there this time to share our favourites with you!


My very favourite that i have to have every single time is this deep fried yam paste with pork inside. They have this with prawns (i think) and scallops as well. but i love the pork the most.

This is something i tried for the first time and i really quite like it, so i think it will become a staple too. It’s deep fried tofu with prawn paste on top – you can’t really see it in the picture. and it comes with a good serving of black bean sauce. I like.

This is Fish’s favourite – shi hui too i think. This is pork ribs in a sticky sweet caramelized sauce. There should be mai ya tang in it. The pork is tender and the sauce is amazingly sweet and very very nice. It’s not my favourite for 2 reasons. Firstly, the bone – not a fan of bones and secondly, it’s too sweet for me. Although, the last time we went there with hui, they gave us a lot of that sweet caramelized sauce and i could stop myself from eating it. Just taking my chopsticks and swirling it in the sauce and licking it off my chopsticks is delicious. In this occasion, Fish ate 2 plates of this by himself. because one of his favourite dish was missing that day.

Egg Tarts. and we love our egg tarts. we got 2 plates, so 4 egg tarts. i ate 1 and fish ate 3.

This is a staple too. Not necessarily from here. It’s vegetarian – so veggies and mushrooms wrapped up in a beancurd skin and deep fried. One of our favourites. Golden Kingdom has another variation of this – and…. i think i like Golden Kingdom’s better. but Fish likes this better.

This is an absolutely favourite. It’s pork ribs and it is delicious! See all that oil surrounding the pork. Those are put into good use too. We have to get this every single time.

This is beancurd skin. Inside is predominantly bamboo shoots and prawn paste i think. It is a very pleasing dish and it’s sauce is good too. We don’t order this every single time. though.. i don’t remember the last time we did. I think it’s because we don’t know what it is called. Now we do.  i think.

Porridge was good, though i don’t eat the pork in it though. i just drink the porridge. This round, the porridge was very drinkable – smooth, creamy and perfect. This is also where the oil/sauce from the steamed pork ribs come into action. I take the oil/sauce and drizzle it all over my porridge. It gives it a great flavour and it tastes so good.

We don’t usually eat dessert – except for an occasional mango pudding. But on this day, i saw these tofu like jelly and i was wondering if they were almond jelly. But it isn’t, it is coconut jelly and so i said, why not? It is nice. and refreshing after a meal but i was too full to finish 3 slices of the jelly. so i ate one and took away 2.

Fish had sweet tofu (豆花) which he loves but i don’t, because this one has ginger in it.

What was missing today which made Fish upset was beef balls. He loves his beef balls and there wasn’t any to be found that day. Which is how he justified eating another plate of sweet pork ribs.

After eating, we walked and attempted to shop. Finally, we decided to take a walk in darling harbour. The weather was quite good that day.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! and may this year be even better!

and may i get to eat loads and loads of nice and delicious foods!!!!!

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