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Monday, January 25, 2010

Shopping & Macchiato, Sydney

So, a few days ago, we went to the city and i wasn’t intending to go to Victoria’s Basement – they have an amount of cookware at way cheaper prices. but Fish needed to go to the toilet and i had to go in there to wait for him.

I couldn’t help it. I bought 2 things.

I bought a small wooden spoon from Mario Batali’s range of cookware. If you notice, both ends of the wooden spoon are spoons, one bigger and one smaller. I’ve got 2 wooden spoons already – one is a normal sized wooden spoon and the other is a normal sized but with a flat edge wooden spoon so that it can be used as a frying spatula as well. Sometimes, i think to myself.. they’re too big for some purposes.. i need a smaller one. and i found one.

I have been reading about Teflon non-stick surfaces and read of some of the possible dangers regarding it. Before, i found Green Pan – which is a eco friendly frying pan. but it was quite expensive. So on this trip, i found another brand that does a eco friendly frying pan as well. and they look better than Green Pan.

I bought the smallest size – it was the cheapest (AUD$30, original price AUD$100). and also cause i just wanted to try and out and see how it works. I have not had a chance to try it yet. but i will let you guys know.

It is eco friendly i think because it doesn’t use chemicals to create that non-stick coating, but the layers between are ceramic, which is also what the non-stick surface is made from. So it is PTFE and PFOA free. because the non-stick surface is created using naturally occurring minerals such as dirt, sand and rocks. This i think is quite important as you guys should all know that a Teflon non-stick pan can only withstand to up to a certain temperature (240 degrees) after which it would emit harmful chemicals. I don’t know for sure if i have or will ever reach that temperature – but still.. it is kinda unsettling to know.

If i like it, and i hope i do. They claim that it has better heat distribution and more durable. So, i’ll definitely update when i have a conclusive opinion about this pan.

So.. these 2 stuffs i bought at Victoria’s Basement. QVB also has a small German bakery which we’ve just discovered and i love their pretzels more than the one at Central Station.

Time for dinner.

We decided to try a new place near World Square that i’ve always said we should try but never did. so we did this time.

It’s called Macchiato. It’s an Italian restaurant – pizza, pasta and mains.

I always love a good garlicky garlic bread. This one is above average. Very buttery and soft. I would love more garlic though – but that’s just me.

We had a Caesar salad – which is one of our favourites now. The Caesar salad here was nice and very delicious – even the croutons.

Fish had a Angus beef steak special with hand cut fries and steamed broccoli. I was immediately drawn to the fries – i am a carbo person. The steak was medium well done and it was tender and the fats were full of flavour.

And we ordered a pizza to share. Sydney Supreme. We ate 2 slices each and took the other 1/2 home and had it for brunch today. Delicious wood-fired pizzas.

To accompany the dinner, Fish ordered a cocktail. I don’t remember the name. but it had Kahula, Bailey’s, another alcohol, milk and honey. It was delicious.

And to end the meal, we ordered a tiramisu. It was really really good and alcoholic.

So, in all, we had a good day. and i hope you did too.

Tomorrow is Australia Day and i think we will be going to Bunnings.

and i will be flying back this Sat! can’t wait!

Eating Time! – i just baked Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies!

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