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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dinner – Deep Fried Mushrooms, Sujebi & Fried Bee Hoon

For the last 2 days, i have been cooking dinner.

So… yesterday, i cooked Sujebi again and tried Deep Fried Mushrooms.

Deep fried mushrooms! Using a beer batter.

I don’t have an exact recipe. but i do know what goes into it to give it a crispy and fragrant batter.

Plain flour, Corn flour, Beer (i used Coopers Sparkling Ale), Salt, Pepper, Italian Herbs and Dried thyme. Make a nice thick batter.

It must be eaten hot. We didn’t and by the time it cooled and we ate it, it was all soggy.

So, it’s important – eat is while it’s hot and crispy! and it really is very crispy and good.

I made Sujebi again – because we have a lot of kimchi left.

This time, Fish fried up a good amount of bacon and added it to the Sujebi – quite nice. I did use a different recipe for the dough – but i’m not sure which one i like better – so… i still have to experiment.

Tonight, i tried to cook 星洲炒米. Ironically, it is Singapore Fried Noodles. which Singapore obviously does not have. However, i have eaten it at restaurants and i actually really like the flavour. So i tried it tonight.

It was similar, but not there. The meat that they always put into this dish is ham, but i didn’t have that, so i just sliced up and marinated a pork chop. It was ok but not perfect.

The flavour was acceptable and it is not perfect. but it is very 爽口. Meaning it’s not cloying nor was it oily – so you could eat an amount and not feel like you’ve ate a lot – at least that’s what Fish said.

I will try cooking this again – but it is very troublesome and it makes a mess.

I made chocolate sorbet tonight. Not the most successful – it was a little grainy and not smooth. So i definitely have to try that again.

Did you have a great dinner?

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