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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pork Belly. An easy way.

Maybe about a month ago, i ordered 2 strips of pork belly from butcher2u, it wasn’t exactly what i wanted. I was used to ordering a big slab of pork belly but they didn’t have it on the website, but they had pork spare ribs (belly) with a little bone in them. It’s like shao rou – you know where you have the little white bone at the bottom. No harm really. I was intending to braise them but never got around too.

then one day, not too long ago, i remember something i ate with my mum a while back. I think we were in a hurry and we needed lunch, so we had to cook something to eat. it was so simple and yet, so delicious.

The fast way is to just boil a pot of water and simmer the meat in it, no marinade, nothing what so ever, just meat and water. Simmer till the meat is tender.

In my case, i had class that day from 4-6pm. So before i left the house, i washed meat and plucked the hairs and placed it into my rice cooker with adequate water covering the meat (i used it as stock for another dish). I used the soup setting and set it to cook for 2 hours.

When i returned home, the meat was wonderfully tender.

All you then need to do is slice the meat up into little chunks. It’s a little messy cause it’s so tender. you could always just have the whole piece to yourself, then you don’t have to cut it.

What’s the other most important thing? Your dip.

And it’s simple too. Just dark soy sauce and sliced red chilli. I like mine spicy.

If you wanna make it a little more fancy, add some grated garlic.

This is so so so so delicious.

The 3 of us just ate this was bowls of rice and a plate of veggies. Hui actually took a second bowl of rice – she usually doesn’t.

Sorry there’s no pictures. but it sure was delicious.

Time to head back to butcher2u to get more pork belly!


  1. Kate, you visited our blog and told me about Butcher to you!

    THANK YOU!!! I love it and Gary. I will have blog post up about Butcher2U in a couple of days and have mentioned you and I have linked to your blog (this one). really appreciate you telling me about him.

    Cheers Gail

  2. Hi Gail!

    I'm so glad you like butcher2u! Gary is wonderful!

    Thank you so much for the link too!

    Happy eating!