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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Yesterday’s Dinner!

Yesterday, we decided that we would have leftovers. So we dug up whatever we had in the fridge, and i made us a happy happy dinner.

This makes me hungry. Let’s see.. what do we have on this plate.

We have, counterwise from the left, fried tofu bits, sweet potato leaves in sambal chilli, a hard boiled egg and fried fish. In the centre is cabbage rice with saya lodeh (vegetable curry).

I made saya lodeh the day before and we had leftovers which included the egg. I also had 3 pieces of tofu leftover, so i chopped them into little cubes and coated them in seasoned tapioca flour and deep fried them. The sweet potato leaves were dying, so i plucked the leaves and fried them in sambal chilli.

Cabbage rice was from the day before as well. I couldn’t replicate the flavour the way my grandma used to cook it. But it wasn’t too bad.

So, this is the mixture i fried for the rice. It has dried shitake mushrooms, loads of cabbage, onions and garlic. Seasoned with light and dark soya sauce and a little sesame oil.

You could add meat etc to this mixture. So i cooked the rice in the rice cooker till the water gets nearly absorbed, then i place the mixture on top of the rice to continue its cooking process.

This was the rice, we added more dark soya sauce and sambal chilli.

Now, for my favourite part! Saya Lodeh!

I make this using Prima Taste’s Saya Lodeh pre-mix. I just add more veggies than recommended and more water, sambal chilli and coconut milk to make more curry sauce. I have in here, hard boiled eggs, carrots, green beans, fried tofu and cabbages. I love love love it.

Well. that was my dinner. i made dessert after dinner. as per fish’s request.

a maple walnut ice cream. Will be posting that soon! :)

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