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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wantons/Wontons (Recipe)!

I love wantons. especially deep fried wantons. who loves wantons? me!
Last year, fish and i had classes in the afternoon. He has class in the morning but i didn’t, so i sometimes make him a little lunch. This one day, i decided on making wantons. deep fried of course. and he loved it.
Crunchy Crunchy!
My mixture really is quite simple.
Pork Mince
Hua Diao Jiu
Cooking Sake
Spring Onions, finely chopped
Oyster sauce
Light Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
An egg – i didn’t have an egg on the day i marinated the meat, i only added this right before i wrapped it.

The Hua Diao Jiu gave it an amazing flavour. I didn’t manage to cook it as soon as i wanted to, so i marinated it for around 2 days.
The oyster sauce i only ever use is this:
This is Lee Kum Kee’s Premium Oyster Sauce. The first ingredient on the list is 40% oyster extractives instead of another one of Lee Kum Kee’s panda oyster sauce which first ingredient is water and oyster extract is 4th on the list.
This however, is double the price of most oyster sauces. Over here, this bottle costs AUD$7+. But i won’t stop using it. for one, i love the flavour of this oyster sauce.
secondly, this was the oyster sauce that my grandmother used. i never knew what brand it was, or what it was called, but when she needed us to buy this, she would tell us that we have to make sure that we buy the oyster sauce with the boy and the girl. She was adamant that this was ‘the one’. So this is ‘the one’ i will be using.
Wantons really aren’t that difficult to make.
First: Put the wrapper on your palm.
Second: Place a good amount of meat mixture in the centre.
Third: Wet the edges of the skin with water.
Fourth: Press the diagonal corners together. then push the sides to stick together so that it looks like that on picture no. 5
The skins that i bought this time, was slightly thicker than what i usually use.
so when i deep fried this, i double fried it, so as to ensure that the skin gets nice and crispy and that the meat is cooked inside.
I just ate this simply with japanese mayo. and it is so crispy and delicious.
I ate this with noodles. The meat was quite juicy and very flavourful and delicious.

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