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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Picnic Food – My simplified version of a Muffaletta

So recently, we went on a picnic to the Japanese Garden at Auburn.

For my first ever picnic here, i made 2 things to have for lunch.

One of the things, was this: A simplified muffaletta.

It is said to originate from New Orleans, Louisiana.

I thought this would make a great picnic sandwich, so this is what i set out to make. It also didn't take much time and effort!


All of the ingredients can be sourced from the deli section of your supermarket easily. And you can also add what you prefer and remove what you don't like.

1 cob loaf – could get 8 wedges. but fish could easily eat 2
Salami – i bought them pre-sliced for convenience
Pepper Mortadella  - from the deli
Tasty cheese slices
Canned olives – Green olives stuffed with feta, kalamata olives and black olives
Fresh mushrooms – sliced and fried in a little oil
1/2 large eggplant – sliced and grilled with oil – could get from the deli as well, but i decided to do it myself
1 small zucchini – sliced and grilled


Make an olive mixture. It's actually more complicated, but i just simplified it very simply.

So, in a bowl, i just mixed the different olives, all sliced and grated a clove of garlic in. Definitely could do with more garlic if you like the flavour.

Next, you'd need to grill the vegetables that are fresh.

After that's done, we need to hollow out the cob loaf and the construction begins!

So just layer all your ingredients in one by one, pressing down whenever you can. Then wrap your cob loaf with cling flim and press it down with a few cans, for a few hours or overnight – in the fridge. It was winter, so i just left it out on the counter. :)

Yes, i brought a knife to the picnic. A knife that has it's own sharpening thingy which is quite lousy so i haven't used this knife in years, but it makes a good picnic knife since it has a safety cover.

Slice into wedges.

And, tuck in! :)

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