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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chicken Schnitzel w/ Pasta Sauce and Sides

I bought 3 pieces of chicken schnitzel from Colin's butchery and i usually don't because i've found that ready made chicken schnitzel are usually tasteless. However, the colin's butchery ones are really great and what could be easier than just frying them up and preparing some sides to go with it?

So i fried them up and baked them with our favourite brand of pasta sauce.


I fried the chicken schnitzel. Then made a simple potato mash.

Fish baked a dish of roasted veggies with onions, broccoli, potatoes and carrots.

We had some left-over garlic bread from a pizzeria which i don't like at all but fish makes it good but adding some olive oil and garlic and frying the bread.

It's very delicious but i believe that the chicken schnitzel tastes better freshly fried and crispy. If i make this again, i'll make it using grilled or pan-fried chicken without a breadcrumb coating.

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