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Thursday, November 10, 2011

新上海–New Shanghai, Bondi Junction Westfield

Recently we went to Bondi Junction and was looking forward to eating Salsa's at the Harbour Room Food Court. However, we found this new stall instead.


New Shanghai. is quite good.


This has to be our favourite! 生煎包 Panfried Pork Bun. The bun is not too doughy. The fry bottom is great and there's soup in the buns! Sometimes the soup gets soaked up by the dough instead, but it is still delicious! Don't bite too hard and fast, soup might spill out all over! The menu only states 8 pieces, but you can definitely just order 4 pieces.


Their 小笼包 is not bad too. it can definitely rival Din Tai Fung. plus no queue!


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