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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Juanita's Mexican Restaurant, Kensington

When i wasn't around, Fish and Hui went to Juanita for dinner one night and they raved about it to me when i came back.

So, we went there for dinner one night – it was great! Then when daddy and min came over, we brought them there to dinner and i daresay they liked it to.

We haven't been there since then and decided to have dinner there a few days ago.



We chose a nice table with cushions.


We start off with a jug of non-alcoholic sangria – yummy.

This is delicious! Chile Con Queso Dip with chorizos and corn chips. A mixture of chilli and cheese. It's not spicy but its cheesy but yet not sickeningly cheesy like a nacho cheese dip can sometime be.


Chile Relleno. "Fresh green bell peppers, roasted peeled, stuffed with cheese and veggies. Baked and served with lettuce, sour cream and guacamole" Yummy. Our favourite entrees. Daddy loved these too. With all the veggies it always makes me feel like the dinner is much healthy. Smile with tongue out


This was Fish's main. Beef Fajitas. Comes to the table sizzling! The portion is huge but the meat is just a wee chewier and tough, though edible.


It came with tortillas, chilli, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, guacamole and sour cream.


Fish also asked for some rice to go with his fajitas. Their rice tastes quite good although not a huge of a portion as i liked. but we were so full with this dinner, maybe it was a good thing.


Me and Hui shared Combo 3. This has chicken burrito, beef tostadas and beef taquito (the one that looks like a cigar). It also has rice, sour cream and guacamole. We really prefer the chicken over the beef. I shall try asking if we can get them all chicken next time. Really big portion. Best to be shared.


Juanita's – quite a walk from where we're staying now but loving it so far.

The service is always friendly and you never have to wait too long for food. I have heard not so good things about their all-you-can-eat sundays, so i'm not going to put myself in a possibly unhappy situation by going on sundays. Smile


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