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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Leaky Leak

my toilet is leaking.


started at 4am last night. leaking at the funny places.

1st place. the door frame

2nd place. the spotlight

and the water is YELLOW! ewww….

i don’t know why is started leaking. just that it did.

AND… to make matters worst. he wore his boots all the way into the room!! and they had soil on it!!!!!! there really has to be a better solution to this. GET rid of the carpet! and he’s coming back tml again!

and he just stepped on the bathroom mat. KILL ME.

something to add to all this. Today is the hottest day of the month. It is really hot. at least to us it is.

although it is hot and humid is Singapore, the upper range of temperature is usually around 32 degrees.. however… here, it goes up to 40 degrees.

i’m hot, sticky and i can’t move. because the carpet is all dirty.

Oh. and the guy has to close the water supply. no showers for us! on such a hot day!

all i can say now is. damn.

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