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Thursday, November 26, 2009

What was a Leak is now a near Catastrophe.

So… what started out as a tiny leak near the toilet is now full blown water damage. GREAT!

We’ve had people coming in and out of the house everyday, disrupting my sleep and dirtying my carpet.

Today, we found a huge huge problem. The leak was downstairs, in Fish’s toilet. But today, we found a biggger problem. Upstairs.

A part of the ceiling had water stains and was bulging. Towel on the floor was a bucket the size of a oil drum and the guy made a hole in the ceiling and guess what.

Water came gushing out! As Fish puts it, our ceiling was peeing.

not only that. the ceiling above the kitchen also had water stains, but that was untouched.

So, the plan is.

To let the water dry over the weekend.

and then. remove the near entire ceiling upstairs. WHAT?!

that is absolutely disruptive. do you realise the dirt, the plaster, the water everywhere upstairs!!!!

and me and fish just cleaned the kitchen stove.

this is infuriating.

and another piece of unwelcoming news. my rent will increase by $10 per week from next Feb.

this has been a very unlucky week. and i’m going out for dinner.

why must this happen to us?!!!

if only we were moving out.

ok. enough of my ranting. i’m really tired and i could fall asleep any moment now. but i’m dirty because my feet is dirty and so my body is dirty and so i can’t lie on the bed so i’m not sleeping.

ok. bye.

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