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Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Update…


Just a quick quick update..


I’ve cut my hair.. it’s now.. a little shorter than shoulder length.. Not the best picture.. Taken with fish’s phone when i’m about to sleep with my 3 babies. hehe.. i shall try to take a better picture soon… hopefully..

I’m 3/4 into ‘My Life in France’.. finishing soon.. very engaging read.

Me and Fish are doing a puzzle together and we’re about 1/10 completed.. haha

We found a japanese restaurant that has buffet.. tried a la carte today..

Haven been cooking lately.. but here are the dishes that i will be attempting next: 1. Japchae 2. Kimchi (Yes.. i am going to make my own kimchi!)

I need a good chocolate cake recipe.. i’ve tried 2 and those were not spectacular. I need an amazing chocolate cake recipe. One that tastes of real chocolate, dense and amazing. PLEASE let me know if you have one.

Remember… the pork mince (卤肉饭)… it actually tastes great when you add it to plain porridge. I added it to fish porridge.. and it still tastes great!

I went to eat at a restaurant near by called ‘Chairman Mao’s Restaurant’, people have been raving and the place is packed everynight. The fact is simple. The food is good. BUT.. wayyyyyy to oily.. even for me. I love love love fats and oil. But this.. is tooo much.. Everything is swimming in a huge puddle of pure oil. I accidently ate a tofu puff and it had soaked up all the pure oil and imagine that in your mouth. It was disgusting. I had to wash it down with loads of tea. So, as much as the flavour and food was relatively great. It will take a lot more for me to return. Oh. and i don’t like the way the place smells. and it was extremely noisy the night i went. That i dun like too.

I was walking around yesterday and bought a dress from SES which i fully intend to use as a night gown. and a shirt from Myers. Surprisingly.. both have owls on them. I don’t like like owls.. i think. Coincidence happens. =)

I keep wanting to keep McDonald’s breakfast.. but… everytime i think about it.. i wanna cook my own breakfast. BUT.. my sleeping timing is screwed again.. so no breakfast for me!

Guess how i fell asleep the other night. I was talking with Fish and we were just naming all the foods that we were missing from Singapore.. hokkien mee.. laska.. plaza sing’s indo grill.. etcetc.. and i just suddenly fell asleep.. haha.. nice way to sleep i should think.. in foodie heaven! =)

ok lah. this is so random. i’m leaving. bye.

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