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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

BUILT NY – Large Soft Shell Camera Case


Fish got me my Lumix FZ35 for a long time already and i love it. but i haven’t been able to bring it out cause i didn’t have a proper case for it.

and finally, 2 days ago i ordered the BUILT NY camera case that i’ve been eyeing for for a long time.

When it came, i thought that it looked a little small. but when i placed my camera in it, it fitted perfectly, with gaps at the sides since the lens is longer. It also comes with a matching dark purple strap so that i can sling the camera case. which is why i love and chose this. It looks pretty and i don’t have to carry a big black camera case. taking off the straps, i can place the camera in my bag and if i want to, i can sling it. great.

So yay. i am very happy and this came just in time for this saturday’s field trip to the Pyrmont Growers’ Market. Can’t wait to take loads of pictures. =)

The current dilemma – what to cook for dinner – i’m thinking of tie pan tofu w/o the tie pan. hahaha..



  1. Can you store the camera along with the zoom lense in the case? Is Lumix FZ35 is equivalent in size with Sony A330 or A350?

  2. I checked on and the lumix is 75.8 x 117.6 x 88.9 mm and the Sony A330 is 97 x 128 x 71.4 mm. It could most likely fit the camera - but a snugglier fit. As for another lens together with the camera, i doubt it's possible. There's space - but i don't think enough. Built NY has a Cargo Camera Bag that would suit you better. =)