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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Entertainment Quarter Farmer’s Market

Hey! I have not been blogging for a long long time. Went back to Singapore, back to Sydney now. Uni started and now we’re in the 4th week of classes. My modem has died and we’re waiting for a new one to be delivered.

So. So…. i have much to share. but i decided, i shall start with what we did today.

By the way, if you guys are looking for books. Try The books are relatively cheaper and free delivery all over the world. Delivery is fast and well packed. So, i bought a few books there including 2 of Nigel Slater books and he has totally got me more excited about farmer’s markets. I have not been to many, but it has always got me excited. so i started checking out more about them and found 2 so far.

Today, we went to the Entertainment Quarter’s Farmer’s Market @ Fox Studios. So it’s just 5 minutes away from our house by bus.

It isn’t a very big market. but it has its gems. We love the chilli from Portugali and we found a similar one today!

They have 4 versions ranging from mild to extra hot. and we bought the extra hot. It isn’t made to be very very spicy, so extra hot is a-ok. We also bought 6 chicken patties from them so that we can make our own Portuguese chicken burgers. The chilli and its own is great for stir fry etc.

Then we went further down and found cheese!

We bought a good slice of Parmigiano Reggiano which smells delicious.

I’m not sure what this cheese is. She had a whole piece of cheese on display and we had a taste. It’s kinda like blue cheese, cause its a little smelly. but it has a very soft and slightly chewy texture. and a slightly bitter finish though if you ate it with crackers, the bitterness gets covered. I asked her what cheese it was, and she told me. and in typical fashion. i pretended i knew. hahaha.. but.. i have no idea what she said this cheese was. It’s delicious though. haha. I think it starts with a ‘p’.

And this is how we eat this cheese – with crackers and black pepper (which is not in the pic). Thinly shaved with a vegetable peeler.

We had lunch – spinach and fetta gozleme, lemon and mint crush and fish had a mega beef burger with chips. There was fresh corn but it was really hot (weather) and i didn’t know if i wanted to eat it not. so i didn’t.

There was a loud voice in the markets and we went to take a look at what it was after eating. The organic fresh pasta and sauces were having a sale. and we bought some.

He was having an offer - $5 for all pastas. I have not really tried fresh pastas before, so since it’s quite cheap, we decided to try. Chitarra refers to the traditional instrument used to make these pastas that are similar to spaghetti. He also had sauces and he recommended the truffle cream sauce.

It’s a small bottle. and it’s originally $9.50, but he said we can have it for $7.50, then he decided that he’ll give it to us for $5. So great deal and i can’t wait to try fresh organic pasta together with the truffle cream. Hopefully it’s as delicious as he claims!

We bought pastries as well – pretzel, chocolate croissants and chocolate tarts. Oh. and a head of garlic.

That’s all for this market.

The next market i’m looking forward to is the Pyrmont Good Living Grower’s Market and it’s bigger with 80+ stalls and it definitely attracts me more as there are fresh produce and veggies. It’s early and further though. It’s also only happens on the first Saturday of each month, from 7am-11am.

Anyone wants to join me next week?

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