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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vanilla ice cream w/ choc covered pretzels and peanut butter

What a mouthful.

I decided to make ice cream yesterday.

And to jazz it up a bit. I made a basic vanilla ice cream. chopped up choc-covered pretzels that we bough from Paddington Markets and added 3-4 big tbsp of peanut butter!

It was delicious. except i left the custard in the pot for too long without stirring and it curdled. meaning it looks like liquid scrambled eggs. i despaired and screamed at my stupidity. and then i turned to the WWW. someone suggest sifting it. i tried. it would take me 3 nights to finish sifting. so i ditched that. and then someone suggested blending! which absolutely worked!!! i just used a stick blender and gave it a good blend. and perfecto – as if nothing happened.

but but. i think i think. one thing happened. the eggs cooked and the eggy taste was intensified. if i am not wrong. so next time, i’ll just use 5 eggs and keep an extremely close eye on my custard. but i added peanut butter which covered up the egg taste deliciously!

Ice cream anyone?

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