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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sweets Attack!

I love ring pops! but it’s not easy to find, it’s an old fashioned sweet which i really really like. i dunno why.

so i managed to find it in a shop in Chinatown a few months back. but it was quite expensive. i think it was nearly $2 for one.

So i went online shopping and after a few days of google-ing, i have finally found it on The Professors Online Lolly Shop. The prices are almost wholesale prices, much cheaper than getting the sweets separately in retail shops.

At first, all i wanted was my ring pops. but. after asking fish and hui, we got something for everybody!

For me, i got my ring pops and a 1kg bag of smarties!!

For hui, she loves these sour straps.

For fish, he likes his mints, so he got a box of eclipse mints.

As a bonus for all 3 of us, A&W Root Beer!!

All these sweets were much cheaper than if we bought them in retail shops. These ought to last for a really really long time.


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