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Monday, November 17, 2008

Chickpeas & Keds

Here is the picture of the cute pair of baby socks that we found and named 'Chickpeas'. Guaranteed to make Eleen jealous! HaHa..!


Cutest Ever eh?!

I lament the lack of shoes everyday i am here. I have been scouring ebay constantly to look for shoes that are at a bargain and pretty. My diligence paid off. I bought a pair of Keds flats for AUD$13 plus a shipping fee of AUD$6. The bid started at 99 cents but i finally managed to win! At first i was afraid it might be a little big, its a US Size 9 Eur 40. However, when i tried it, it was just nice - perfect fit. Since i am currently into Green, this shoe has its green elements as well! It was delivered this morning in a parcel at 0730.


Cute?! I am so happy with my purchase. It is not new though, the auction states that it has been worn once - which i didn't really mind cause the picture provided looks ok. The sole is a little dirty which is normal but the rest of the shoe is clean and very new-like, and for the price, it is fine with me!

Oh! I made butter and bread pudding again for Fish. I used 9 eggs, should have used 10, cause it's not firm enough.


Looks ok. I have not actually tried it yet, Fish ate 1/2 already. HaHa..

By the way, i am so going to Eastgardens tomorrow to get my favourite cookies and cream ice cream CAKE. A justification: To celebrate all our birthdays again and the end of this semester! Hopefully they have it if i not i might have to order and go back to collect it another day.

From a funny commercial: "You bear or chicken?!"

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