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Monday, November 17, 2008

Unbelievably Forgetful ME!

This entry is just to consolidate all the pictures i have taken in the past weeks but did not blog about. Here goes:

We always eat here: Pempek (If that is how it spelled) It's along Anzac Parade, very near our place. They have kinda weird opening days and hours, they open till 8pm and are closed every Mon and Thurs. But i love their fish cake skin and Nasi Rendang!


I attempted Chocolate Mousse one day. It wasn't too much of a failure but the consistency was a little wrong though it tasted really good. I used Gordon Ramsay's recipe but a mousse requires a lot of whipping which works very much better and easier if you have a electrical beater - which i don't - maybe that's why i couldn't get the consistency. The soft meringue looks so pretty! Like melted marshmallows!


What else? We (edit: not We, just Fish, he was very very dilligent and made the whole thing other than the guacamole from scratch! What a darling!) made burgers the other day. Relatively successful. BUT! No one could finish their burgers except Fish i think. We had three patties each. With a slice of bacon. And guacamole and sour cream. And caramelised onions! Very Very Filling!


Ooo... We ordered Peruvian Food around 3 times and the most recent was the best. I ordered a fish dish and it was very very very delicious. Even their steamed rice is really really nice. The price is higher than average but so is their food. I named all the foods in the picture below. Their pickled onions are really refreshing. Papa Rellena is an entree which is basically mashed potato encasing a minced beef filling. Tacu Tacu is just grilled steak with a fried egg.

The egg that you see at the bottom right is the egg yolk from the chocolate mousse - fish poured hot water into the shell and burned himself while doing it. Then he added soya sauce and pepper. Let it sit for a while and drink up. He says its delicious!


This is the fish that was oh so delicious! This is its description: Peruvian style grilled fillet of fish, topped with sauteed onions, tomatoes, capsicum, served with rice or beans. The fish is so delicate and flaky and the sauce is wonderful. Although it is a little on the salty side. It's taste is incredible. The portion is not small too - i couldn't finish the whole thing - had 2 fillets - i had to call hui to finish the rest for me.


This is a simple dinner which Fish prepared while i was sleeping in. What's in it? Hmm... There is corn chips, mozzarella cheese, oven baked chicken cut into strips, left-over guacamole, taco sauce (the green cap bottle), a can of chili con carne heated up in the pot and Greek yiros wraps (i don't know what they really really are, but they worked, we used them like soft tacos).


Last but not least is a small little bowl of congee i prepared when Fish wasn't feeling well. This is the Cantonese kind - thick. You basically need a big big pot and loads of water. 1 cup of rice is usually more than enough for 2. 1 cup of rice with 10 cups of water. My pot isn't big enough for 10 cups of water at one go, so i just add like 8 first and then slowly add the rest in, sometimes i don't even use all 10 cups. By the way, my cup is the same cup in which i used to measure the rice - so it isn't the conventional 250ml, its only around 175ml? But it doesn't matter.

What's important is that you keep stirring. This is so that the rice breaks down. Oh! I almost forgot, to help in this process, after i wash the rice, i take like a tablespoon of oil (sesame or veg or olive) and mix in with the washed rice and i leave it to 'soak' for like 10-20 mins. You can see the rice chance from a translucent to white color. Then cook with as much water as possible - salt the water if you wish. Remember to stir while you cook and if possible use a deep pot because when the porridge becomes thick, it needs to bubble, but it can't because there is no water so blots of porridge come flying out. So be careful, it hurts when it hits your hand.

I like to add home cooked fried shallots, but Fish refused to let me fry so he ate the pre-bought one and i just had it with sesame oil and an egg mixed into the hot porridge.

DSC00296This is Fish's porridge!

I know i'm being really long-winded here. But just a side note, if you wanna make Teochew style porridge - the watery kind with the shape of the rice still intact, use little rice and loads of water. For 1 person, 1/4 cup of rice is just enough. I usually just add like loads of water to that - just don't add too much, you can always add more but taking away seems too much trouble. =)

Anyhoo...this is an awfully long to update everything at once. HaHa. Sorry if it took forever to load and read. I hope you had fun reading about all the foods because i had fun writing about all the foods we ate. =)

BY THE WAY! I will be going to Singapore on the 5th Dec. Guess what?! I can't wait to EAT all the local delights!

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