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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Have not been blogging for a while. Official holidays for me have started but i haven really done much. Not feeling too good these days because of my period. Anyway, was watching tv just now and tonight was "Criminal Intent" and "SVU". Both very intriguing and both presented 2 different viewpoints although they were of different crimes etc..

Would you trust a sex offender who has been to jail and is now living in your neighbourhood? Would you want for him to get out of your neighbourhood and be cruel and not nice to him? In the show, people hated him and eventually he got murdered. I don't know. I think it very much depends on your first gut feeling and impression when you see one like him. Although appearances can be deceiving, maybe i would give that person a chance - a chance that he might really have repented and is trying to leave his past behind. But i understand that its difficult for many people to do so. It's a risk to give him another chance but maybe that's what we need in the world now. So many things are happening, so many crimes committed, so many evils. Maybe it's time we gave trust a chance. Maybe that's what some people need.

Just like if you made a mistake in your life and from then on, people brand you a liar or sth, how difficult would that be for you to shake it off no matter how hard you try? The trust might not work out - it might turn on you - you might regret giving trust a chance, but deep deep down, that is how we would like to be treated - that is how we might want to be treated when faced in a similar situation.

In every case, there needs to be communication, honesty and trust. Even between strangers (unless otherwise). It's so easy to see the negatives, but so important to see the positives - because we are all essentially humans and if we are unable to give our own species a chance, wouldn't that lead to the degradation of what being human and humanity is?

Ok. Enough of that. I have so many places i want to go!

1. Ikea
2. DFO
3. The Rocks Market
4. Eastgardens - to buy ice cream!

I bought something that i hope will make Eleen jealous. HaHa.. it's the cutest pair of socks ever. We name them "chickpeas". HaHa..they are of course..yellow. HaHa.. will post a picture of them the next time.

Till then...!

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