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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Earring Converters & Table Finds!

I have been wanting to order these earring converters for the longest time ever and finally, i ordered them and they arrived this morning.

There are 2 types. First type is a converter to convert pierced dangle earrings to clip-ons.

DSC00403 - Copy

What you have to do is take a pierced earring and unhook the ring and re-attach it to the ring shown in the picture. This requires a little work but to me it's going to be worth the effort! I bought 2 colours, sterling silver and black nickel.

Ok. The second one is simpler.

DSC00406 - Copy DSC00412

This one is a converter that contains a cylindrical thing. However, this is only to be used for post earrings - studs. This is difficult to explain, so the picture next to it is the instructions. I bought 2 colours for this as seen is sterling silver and rose gold.


This one basically works the same as the barrel ones above. However, instead of a clip, this works using a screw instead.

So, i really can't wait to try all these out sooner or later. Also, i ordered a batch of 20 clip-ons from an ebayer from UK who makes them herself.

We went to Eastgardens today. Bought a huge cake! A cookies and cream cake from Wendy's which i really like. Because it's a cake, i decided that we should all make a wish. After the wishes were made, we tucked in. Yummm..


I also found new tablemats and table cloth. I found the cute tablemats for $1.50 each at a new shop called 'hot dollar', there were 3 different patterns, so i bought 3. I also found a PVC table cloth at Target, because it's the Christmas season, there are so many christmassy things. This tablecloth was one of them. It wasn't too expensive - originally priced at $8.99 there was a 20% discount. It wasn't too obviously Christmas looking and it looked sweet, plain and fits perfectly.


Aren't they cute and look so well together? HaHa..rather than the tacky old tablemats we used to use. We still use them - whenever necessary.

Then we went to K-Mart and bought me a chair cushion, shampoo and conditioner to bring home and Fish got himself a toy.


Then, Fish was the chef of the day and cooked dinner! He used left-over french fries and wedges and cooked a mushroom cream concoction which he then baked in the oven with mozzarella and ham steaks. He made the mushroom sauce a wee too salty though. We had pumpkin soup to go with dinner.


Had a great day today. Wore a very green outfit today. A green polo shirt with a white skirt with my new green shoes and my so boring green bag. HaHa! Going to sleep early and go Bondi tomorrow!

OH! Another thing! The shoe bit me! But Fish bought me these plasters which were really good. The surrounding plasters are transparent and feel like second skin. They don't peel off easily when the shoe rubs against it like the normal kind. So these come highly recommended for blisters and blister prevention.


Ciao! Keep Smiling! =)

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