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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Birthday Cakes!

Ok..we had a few birthdays in the month of July. Namely, mummy’s, fish and shi hui.

Mummy and Fish has the same birthday – 13th July and Shi Hui is 31st July.

For Mummy, we decided to try a walnut cheesecake from Hilton Singapore.

It wasn’t bad – it tasted good, i really liked it. The only downside is that it’s a really really dense cake. Each of us could only eat one slice.

For Fish, i got a cake from La Renaissance Café Patisserie up in The Rocks. It’s a heavy alcoholic Black Forest Cake. Fish loved it. It tastes great but – i don’t like alcohol that much so i couldn’t take the cake.

Shi Hui got her favourite cake from all her friends – 85 degree’s Chocolate Mousse Cake. It was good – her favourite – not mine.

I can’t wait for my birthday cake – though i have no idea what cake i want … hmm…. time to start thinking!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday cake too!

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