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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Black Glutinous Rice – My Fav!

Black Glutinous Rice is my favourite dessert + breakfast ever! Especially since i LOVE coconut cream soooo much!

I’ve always loved this dish and yet i’ve never realised how easy it is to make it.

This is all you need.

For 3 portions – not huge portions


1 cup Black Glutinous Rice
Enough Water
Coconut Sugar (Mine comes in a log that has been halved so i use around 1/4 of the whole log)
Coconut Cream


Wash the rice well then add enough water to simmer the rice for around 2 hours. It takes time for the rice to softened. I have never really measured the time it took – it takes a while but not forever.

Don’t be too hasty in adding additional water – check its consistency first.

After it has softened, add in as much or as little coconut sugar as you like. I shave the sugar so that it dissolves fast. Don’t add this in too early as it will create the thick texture that when bubbling, spits all over the countertop!

Another important thing is to remember to stir!!! Although nearly everytime i made it, the bottom sticks a little – i always forget to stir. =)

Add loads of coconut cream and enjoy!

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