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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have i ever told you guys i LOVE shopping bags?

Haha… i LOVE buying reusable shopping bags! I have more of these than my real bags – actually – i only have my green lacoste handbag and 2 haversacks.

I have a mixture of shopping bags bought from supermarkets – these usually look very very generic and obiang (fashionless).

I bought another one for $2 at cotton on which can zip into a small pouch of some sort – i bring that around everyday for those situations that i suddenly need a bag.

I buy shopping bags that look pretty and nice – and they’re cheap too!

This only really started when i came to Australia – they’re bigger on shopping bags than Singapore is, although Singapore is coming up.

Guess what?!

I am going on a spree to buy more bags! has beautifully simple bags – called the ChicoBag

They’re more expensive than supermarket ones – they are able to be folded into a tiny pouch and look way more fashionable than supermarket ones.

I’m getting them with a slight discount – I’ve read both positive and negative reviews about this, so i’ve decided to just get one and test it out first.

These were be my presents this time round – trying to get everyone to use reusable shopping bags – trust me, they’re better on your hands too. Especially in Australia, they use such thin thin thin plastic bags that they bite into your flesh.

Did i tell you guys about the incident a few weeks ago – for the 1st time we forget to bring our shopping bags and got punished. We bought a few stuffs and one of the loousy plastic bag had a glass bottle of olive oil in it, so, while we were browsing in Myers, the shopping bag BROKE! and the bottle of oil feel onto the ground breaking into a million bits and oil was all over the place! How embarrassing!

Since then, i am never going grocery shopping without my trusty shopping bags which are wayyy sturdier and stronger.

Fish always had a problem with it looking really out of place if we were to go for dinner at a restaurant etc and i think ChicoBag might just solve my problem!

I’ll let you guys know my verdict after i get mine! =)

Oh, by the way, the real reason i’m buying from is because Klean Kanteen has a new colour! RED! Haha… so fish says that i can get a red one and he’ll have my black one. YAY!


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