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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Remember my Chilli from the previous post? + 3 onion Oil

This is the first time my chilli has been used in a dish which was wonderful!

We love our green beans – or short long beans.

So fish suggested that we should fry the green beans in my chilli paste. So, here goes.

I fried the green beans in the 3 onion oil.

I think i’ll give you guys the recipe for the 3 onion oil which i learnt from youtube – a chinese cooking show.


Spring Onions (only the white section) – sliced into long sections
Shallots – sliced
Brown onions – sliced
Olive/Vegetable Oil


In the appropriate amount of oil in a saucepan, add the 3 different kinds of onions. Cook till fragrant or until the onions turn a slight brown and take it off the fire – remember that it will continue to cook, so don’t overcook it. We only use the whiter portions of the spring onions for the green parts contain more water which will cause the oil to splatter!

After it cools, place into a bottle or just a bowl and store in the fridge. It will turn white like wax when cold – you can just scrape and place into the dish you’re making. It also dissolves back to oil really fast.

I always add the onions into my dish as well – just not the spring onion cause they’re really long.

You can also use this oil for whatever you’re cooking. I used this oil to fry a simple fried rice to add flavour.

This was really simple as well. I don’t remember the exact ingredients used but i think i can give you a list.


Big spoonful of chilli – or how spicy you like it
Sake – or any cooking wine – just a little to add sweetness and fragrance
Dark Soya Sauce – so that when it reduces it creates a sticky caramelised texture for the chilli to stick
Light Soya Sauce – for seasoning
3 Onion Oil


Fry the green beans in the onion oil till they’re slightly softened. Add the ingredients in whatever order you desire. Just be careful as the sake splatters slightly, but a little is enough.

Fry and Fry and taste if you’re happy with the saltiness and spiciness and if the raw veggie taste has left.

I can see this as a dish that i will be cooking often cause it tastes great!

Oh, this actually went well with fried spam (luncheon meat) bits. =)

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