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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tofu Dango Balls

These are really nice bouncy balls – a little like tang yuen.

I got the recipe off ‘cookingwithdog’ on youtube.

Really easy to do too!

They look yellow in the picture but they really are white.


200g silken soft tofu
200g glutinous rice flour


Way too simple. Place both ingredients in a bowl and mix together with hands. They will form a dough that seems to stick together but also seem to be falling apart. Try it and you will understand what i mean.

Make into little balls – like little tang yuens and place into boiling water. They are cooked when they float.

They can be stored in the fridge or eaten fresh. They will stick to each other like gum! but no worries – they retain their shape real well after they’re cooked – so just grab a ball and PULL!

If you kept them outside or in the fridge, they will become hard – but no worries again – just warm them up in hot water or zenzai (Red bean soup) and they will become soft and chewy again.


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