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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random: Simple Favourite Food!

Hello Everybody!

Hope everyone is having a great great time!

School is nearly over soon.. I can’t wait!

Anyway, i’m in the midst of doing my essay but i thought i’d just share with you guys one of my favourite-test simple food ever.

I don’t have a picture for it. But it has always been a dish that i have loved to eat ever since young and i still continue to love it to this day.


Simple spaghetti, any tomato-based pasta sauce you have available… and the MOST important ingredient…. Kraft’s cheese slices.

Cook the spag, place them in a plate, add your piping hot sauce and for me, tear 2 sliced off cheese into pieces and ‘throw’ them on top of the hot sauce – like art.. haha

The sauce must be hot! This is extremely vital. Although, if the sauce is warm, the cheese will still melt slightly and still be very nice… BUT..

Only when the sauce is really hot and you mix in the cheese, does the cheese disintegrate into the sauce.. and you get cheese bits all over and big stretchy melty cheese all over. Extremely delicious!

Simple? Extremely.. i just had it for dinner.. and i’m LOVING it!

Here’s hoping.. that you love cheese as much as i do! Fish doesn’t like cheese and so he doesn’t find this appealing.. but.. that’s GREAT news.. MORE FOR ME!! haha..

Anyways, Congrats to Eleen for getting a new job…!

Eat well.. Sleep well.. and definitely Play well!

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