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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mood Swings!


The previous post was about how angry and cranky i was. and this. is about how happy, absolutely happy i was yesterday!

I have pictures.. but i haven got about to uploading them yet. I will do that asap.

What made me so happy you ask?


I finally baked a bread that was successful!!! After 3 times of trying (i think)!

I’m so happy. Happy Happy Happy.

Dinner was great too. Shi Hui and Fish both said it was good.

I baked Sausage Cheese bread rolls.

And i baked lasagne for dinner!

Both were really nice and successful.


Haha.. i will post the ingredients and pictures as soon as i remember to upload them.. hehe..

I hope you guys were and is still as happy as i am!

Oh by the way, a side note, another thing that i’m happy about is my sleeping pattern. It is now in prime position. I sleep at 1130pm everynight and wake up anwhere between 7-8am. I am amazed! It’s so weird when i only sleep for 8-9 hours now when if i had slept at 4am, i would sleep till 4pm and still wake up really tired.

I really like the feeling of being very tired when i fall asleep. Some say that’s not good.. it shouldn’t be a flop down and sleep thing. But for me, i’ve been having sleeping problems for so many months that i have had enough of lying in bed and thinking if i am going to fall asleep tonight or not.

So, double YAY for me! I think i shall celebrate and eat somewhere nice for dinner. Hmmmm… maybe Miso or Ding Tai Feng again.. hmm…. hopefully Fish wants to go out.

Keep smiling everyone!

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