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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I’m in an extremely bad & cranky mood now.

I’m so so so so pissed. If you talked to me right now, all i will be saying (rather.. ranting) is all about the STUPID STUPID energy providers they have here, which are EXTREMELY EXTREMELY inefficient, troublesome and IRRITATING!

In both the houses they we’ve rented, there are ALWAYS problems with the electricity and gas. They either don’t bill you, or in this irritating case…

I’ve been with AGL since the beginning of this rental property and i’ve been receiving my electricity bills, but not my gas bills. Which, i really don’t care. They somehow don’t bill you for months and suddenly realise that you’re living in the house and bill you a big amount at one go. IDIOTS!

So, i’ve never thought much about the gas bills.. and it has been 7 months we’ve been living here. SUDDENLY, Energy Australia sends us a letter saying that it has suddenly came into their attention that someone is staying in this apartment and they sent us a bill of $200. WHAT?!

So.. this brings me to the question.. who the hell is supplying my gas and what do i do now. If i might so add.. they are RIDICULOUSLY  slow at replying emails and calls might take forever to get through.

This is no biggie. I am used to their inefficiency and their ability to irritate the crap out of me.

What adds to this is.. I’M SLEEPY! I slept early last night and woke up at 2am. I AM SLEEPY AND CRANKY!!!

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE doing this kind of thing and i’ve done it SO SO SO SO many times.. sometimes i just really can’t be bothered anymore. I’ve had problems with energy providers and my property agent.



If i were a bird, my feathers would be all ruffled up. I am tired.. my eyes can hardly open and i had to look at figures and try to figure out what these INEFFICIENT companies are up to. They obviously have too much time on their hands.

I only have one thing to say. I HATE IT HERE!

As a qualifier.. there are things that i like here.. like the weather, the beautiful beautiful sky and the independence. But there are aspects of my stay here that i truly truly hate. Maybe i’ll face the same problems in Singapore if i were on my own.. maybe it’s not exclusively Australia.. oh no. their INEFFICIENCY is definitely a characteristic of Australia.

I think it has just been slightly difficult because it is really the first time i’m dealing with all these problems and in a foreign country just makes it worst. Like.. i’m really good at writing emails, just don’t make me call them. I think it might be an accumulation of irritated feelings that everytime something like this happens, i get so so so pissed. and i have to deal with it all on my own. Fish doesn’t know this kind of thing and shi hui is basically clueless. So i’m all on my own.

Bear with me. I need to rant.

Like when my property agent tried to charge me $300!!! for cleaning after i left because the new owner said the place with dirty. It was absolutely not my fault. They left the window open when they did their open house. That has NOTHING to do with me! I refused to pay the money and said that if the new owner was entitled to that, so was i and i would pass my cleaning bills to her to reimburse me. then she said i didn’t have to pay already. DON’T FREAKING TRY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME! I had to spend loads of time reading the tenancy law and going through loads of websites to be sure of my argument. A WASTE OF MY TIME!

They really are very inefficient. My aircon remote has been spoilt for the longest time ever and she keeps putting off replacing one. They were supposed to do some checking of the aircon and spent an hour slicing a hole in my ceiling then never returned to do the checks and the next thing we knew, they said it was all checked out.

Another thing. They don’t know what it means to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! They just come whenever they like and knock on the door expecting you to be at their beck and call whenever necessary. If they don’t already know, ours is a 2 storey apartment, i don’t spend every waking moment upstairs! How will i ever hear a knock on the door?! They are obviously not very smart!

I think i’ve been slowed down by them. In Singapore, if i don’t get a reply within a maximum of 2 working days, that company is considered to be very inefficient. Here… if i get a reply in 2 working days.. i think i should convert to Christianity and thank god for his miracles.

So i think i’ve been affected in some ways.. i think i work slower now. Maybe. But their inefficiency is really amazing. Sometimes it amazes me constantly when they complain of work stress! Their working hours are so freaking short. They really should try working in Singapore.

Have i ranted enough. I think so. Sometimes i feel it drains my life. All these small petty issues that grates at me.. every few months..


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