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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Freaky Orange Sky!

Ok. I know it is only 630am here.. but i had to show you guys this!

This is the view from my window!! Look at the whole place! This is the first time i have ever ever seen this.

There are strong winds.. the whole place is foggy and the whole place is ORANGE! You can’t even see the clouds.

Freaky? Yes..

I think it has something to do with thunderstorms.. though i am not sure.

Now, it’s a much brighter orange so it doesn’t look that scary. But imagine that.. i turned around and the first thing i saw was that (in the pic above). It was wayyy too scary. The sky is usually blue at this time of the day.

I didn’t dare to get up and look at first.. but i was tooo intrigued it by to continue sleeping.. so i peeked.

The first picture did quite a good job at portraying the vibrancy of the orange. This picture was not so good.. but can you see the fogginess and orangey?

I don’t know how long this will last.. but it has been more than 1/2 he already. The colour has changed from the red i first remembered seeing to a bright paler orange. The same colour as the wall in my room back in Green Meadows.

Cool? Yes. Freaky? Yes.

Poor Fish, he has to go uni early .. 8am.. i hope it doesn’t start raining really heavily. Although, i would be wayy to freaked to go out when the sky is looking like that.

What a phenomenon!

UPDATE: I just checked the and this was what they had to say.

“Sydney residents have woken up to a red haze, as the sun struggles to pierce a thick dust blanketing the city this morning.

The dust, kicked up by strong winds overnight, has caused havoc with the city's transport system.

All citybound lanes on the M5 East tunnel have been closed because of dust on the tunnel, while flights at Sydney Airport are delayed as a result of the "strong winds and dust haze".

Sydney's ferries were also suspended due to poor visibility on harbour.

The RTA also issued a warning urging drivers to exercise caution and reduce speed due to "significant dust over the city affecting visibility".

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning across the state as a result of widespread damaging winds.

Wind speeds this morning were expected to average over 65km/h, but there would be gusts in excess of 100 km/h, it said.

The winds would gradually ease over the afternoon and evening, it said.

Last night, large hailstones fell in parts of Goulburn and Wagga, while wind gusts exceeded 90km/h, the Bureau said.

A 109km/h gust was reported at Moss Vale, it said.

Despite sunrise being at 5.43am, the city was a dark reddish haze after 6am this morning.”

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