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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Damn the Dust Storm! and Love the Pilates!

I don’t know if i should thank the dust storm or hate it.

This morning.. EVERYTHING was covered in a layer of red dust. EVERYTHING. Even the kitchen!

My house is already very dusty as it is, and now we have more dust! YAY!

and… they say this is just the sign of many more to come. GREAT!

However, it might be a blessing in disguise in another way as we have now cleaned some of the dust off some of the surfaces and fish washed the fan that was caked in gray dust and today, turned red.

Still, i didn’t clean all the surfaces, i’m not going to keep cleaning everytime a stupid dust storm decides to arise. So, we’ll wait till everything is over. Better still, wait for shi min and feng guang to come over and make them clean it for us. YAY!


Anyways, just small updates. Cooked Sayur Lodeh for dinner tonight with Shi Hui’s guo tie and luncheon meat dipped in egg and fried.

I have also just found another shopping bag which interests me and i’m contemplating if i should purchase some to try it out. Check it out here.

I have also started doing pilates using Brooke Siler’s DVD which is great. However, i haven even really started on the pilates part. I can only do the first 20 minutes which is cardio component and by then, i am too beat to continue with the mat work. So i have to train train and train till the 20 minutes does not tired me out. Seriously, by the time i finish the 20 minutes, i am sweating and panting and totally out. My legs and bum burn and feel so sore the next day. So, i’m currently doing it every alternate days if possible. Fish is doing it as well too!

The first time i did it, my butt and waist line was most sore, this time, it was my legs and a little of my abs/belly and a little on the arms? Anyways, i think i’m suppose to be working the abs area too but i might not have done it all so right. Still got loads to practice then.

Onwards to a new body.. Let’s see.. I can afford to drop 7kg. Let’s see how long it will take me.. maybe 3 years.. haha!

Have fun guys! and enjoy my misery with red dust.

The Apocalypse has arrived.

Yah. As if.

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