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Monday, September 14, 2009

What a wind!

Haha.. since it has been hot these days, i made the WISE decision of walking to school without my jacket. I just wore a polo shirt and long pants and berks.

Guess what? This is the first time ever i have felt a wind that strong – maybe it’s just me. haha.. but it was cold. The only redemption was that the walk to school is long and thus gets my heart rate up a little and i feel warm. But the dust was amazingly disgusting.

Actually, this uphill walk can get your heart rate up quite a bit but me being me, walk like the slowest tortoise on earth! If you ever walked with me.. you will be absolutely frustrated with me.. i walk so slow.. but i love walking slow.. i hate panting and walking fast..haha. Shi Hui walks like a million paces faster. I can only walk with her properly if she injures her legs..haha..

Ok..just a little cold wind update before my Chinese Philosophy starts.. i have to say though… i’m no longer as interested as i was before. I would have preferred a more indepth and single focused course i must say. but oh.. whatever.. 3 hours of it today and a tutorial and i’m home to fish!

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