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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wonton Soup!

Does everyone love wonton? I know we do!

I love making wontons and eating them.. in soup and deep-fried.

So of course, for the latest batch, i did both.

Unfortunately, i didn’t take pictures of the fried wontons.. but.. everyone knows how they look right? so it’s A okay!

To the soup! Which is Fish’s idea …

I decided for dinner to have wonton mee! (By the way.. that dinner.. was a few weeks ago)

DSC02132 (By the way, see my chopsticks! It has Green accents!) (Oh, and the thing at the top of the pic, is roasted chicken from Woolworths – very nice!)

I used dried egg noodles and just cooked them in boiling water.

I also cooked the wontons in boiling water first. I just cooked them for a really long time to make sure they’re cooked, but i’ve just learned the correct way.

When the water is boiling, add the raw wontons. When the water re-boils, add 1/2 – 1 cup of room temperature water. When it re-boils again, it’s DONE!


So anyway,

i obviously didn’t make the chicken stock from scratch. i just got a 745ml can of chicken stock from Foodworks downstairs.

To that can, i added 2 rice bowls of water. Also, something i learned from Julia Child’s cookbook to add flavour to the chicken stock. I added 2-3 springs of parsley while heating up the stock+water. And Fish added sesame oil – which was a great touch!

After the wontons are cooked, i just transferred them over and into the stock – be careful to not add too much excess water into the stock.

and TADA.. your wonton soup is done!


Noodles, really simple. Cook noodles in boiling water. To a plate, add whatever seasoning you like. A simple one which i like would be just dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper. You may add them in whatever proportions you desire, even some oyster sauce.

That was a wonderful dinner. I hope you had a wonderful dinner too.

Coming up: Spinach, Mushroom, Bacon and Feta Quiche. Who would have thought it was THAT simple! Stay tuned!

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