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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breville Fast Slow Cooker!


So, fish used his rewards points to exchange me a Breville Fast Slow Cooker!

and… I LOVE IT!

It is my new favourite gadget!

The name says exactly what it is.

It is both a slow cooker (6/8 hours) and a pressure cooker.

You can also use it to cook rice and do steaming.

It is 6 litres. At first, i was afraid that it might be a little large for the 3 of us. but so far, the size is great.

This is how is looks like. It is quite large but it has a space on my limited countertop.

There ya go. A list of everything it can do.

The saute function is great. It heats up really well and browns food really well too.

The bowl insert is non-stick, which makes cleanup a breeze. Since i brown and cook everything in this one pot, washing up really hasn't been that difficult.

These are it's accessories. Some plastic utensils to use so that you don't scratch the non stick bowl, but i seem to have gotten used to cooking in the cooker with a long pair of chopsticks so i hardly use these. There's also the steam tray and trivet.

So far, i'm really liking it. Stay tuned for some action with my new favourite! :)

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