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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gamushara Ramen + Hainan Chicken Rice, Haymarket

Gamushara was recommended by Yuki when we had dinner with her at Miso because she learnt that Fish liked thick tonkotsu soup.

We went there the very next day. and Fish found his version of heaven.

You can choose a thinner version of the soup – which i did. but i think sticker to the original one might be a better choice.

Tis mine. I had the garlic ramen with an added egg. Yum Yum. I almost couldn't finish it though. and the chasu pieces were delicious! They were very tender.

Fish had his with All Toppings. That mountain there is pickled veggies and it is very spicy. but very delicious. I liked it a lot.

When reading reviews online, i found out that at this same food court, there is also Hainan Chicken Rice that people have said to be quite authentic.

So, hui had that for lunch. It wasn't bad. I think the rice could be slightly improved. The flavour was there, but the rice were a little too mushy. It is expensive though. AUD$8.80

Fish will definitely be back for his ramen again!

Thanks for the recommendation Yuki! :)

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