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Friday, July 08, 2011

What's for Dinner?! – Mother Chu's Taiwanese Place, Chinatown

We decided to try here for dinner one day.

I did quite enjoy eating here, except they kept asking if we wanted to order yet and we haven really read the menu yet. Overall the service is quite ok. We got served by a older lady who was quite nice, just don't expect them to be overtly friendly. You also have to pay immediately after ordering at the table.

We ordered 3 bowls of hot soy bean milk. We thought they came in cups, but it was in bowls – which was fine. The milk is not sweetened at all. You can add as much or as little sugar as you like. I didn't add much since i ate it with savory food. It was a nice accompaniment.

We had you tiao. It was okay, not fantastic. Not like the ones we have in Singapore but enough to satisfy my cravings.

Oyster Omelette Pancake. The sauce on the top was really nice. The oyster flavour isn't very strong and fish actually ate the oyster. This was quite nice.

Spring Onion Pancake with Egg. I like spring onions, egg and pastry. This was quite nice. Although i think that they could have add a lot a lot more spring onions. I liked it enough to order another plate. hehe.

Lastly, we had guo tie. It was nothing fantastic. However, fish and hui asked me to try it with a combination of vinegar and soy sauce and it completely changed the flavour. It was delicious with the vinegar and soy sauce. The vinegar isn't the one commonly seen though, it's not black, it looks very light and slightly reddish.

Fish had a bowl of porridge which i forgot to take a picture of. It was very home cooked and made you feel warm inside. I would go back for the porridge and there are a few items i would like to try. So we will return! :)

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