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Saturday, July 02, 2011

What’s For Dinner Tonight?! – Laska!

I love Laska! We all love laska!

but i don’t like the laska they have here in Australia. It’s not the same as the ones we get back home and i don’t like it.

So, i turn to Prima Taste!

Sorry for the slightly blurred picture.

The noodles aren’t exactly correct but they’re close. This is another reason why i don’t like laska here. They only have hokkien noodles or vermicelli noodles (米粉). I don’t like them in my laska. The only noodles i like in my laska is thick vermicelli noodles (粗米粉). and it’s really hard to find here.

I found it once, but then i forgot where i found it from. and ever since then, i haven been able to find the right one. So sometimes it ends like the one in the picture, almost the same texture. almost. but not.

Prima taste’s laska is awesome. even fish loves it. i love it. we all love it.

I can’t wait to have it again!! :)

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