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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What’s For Dinner Tonight?! – Taco Spag & Creamed Spinach!

Taco Spaghetti – i made it once with fish a long long time ago at his place.

So i had some pork mince in the fridge and decided to make this again!

I made the taco mince with a package from Old El Paso.

Then i added the spaghetti (around 225gm), a fresh tomato and a little cilantro. It definitely calls for olives which i didn’t have.

I placed it in a pyrex dish and sprinkled mozzarella cheese all over and baked it in the oven till it melts.

I decided to boil 3 eggs. I dunno why. I just did and ate it as it is. I think i wanted to add them to the bake, but decided not to at the end.

I had a pack of baby spinach in the fridge and i suddenly decided to make creamed spinach!

This was really simple. I used 3 cloves of garlic (because i like them), fried them in some butter+oil, then added the spinach and cook till it wilts. Then i seasoned it with salt and pepper. Add a little cream to it and grated a little nutmeg over it.

Served! I loved the creaminess and the slight bitterness i get from the spinach and garlic – i love garlic.

So that was dinner.

Dessert was this which i showed before. My muffin, warmed in the microwave with dollops of Serendipity’s Tiramisu ice cream. Yum Yum.

How was your dinner? :)

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