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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fish is awesome!

I love it when fish cooks for me. cause he’s great. he just doesn’t know it. hehe

One night, me, fish and hui were downstairs watching Babylon 5. and i had a late night hunger craving.

One of my favourite food that fish makes is a pizza bread. So i leaned over and whispered that i would like some pizza bread. He thought for a while and got to work. yay!!

It’s quite simple.

Just normal white bread, with spaghetti sauce.

He made 2 versions for me. The one in front is with bacon. and the one at the back is with japanese arabiki sausage (which are amazing – get yourself some!). Both are topped with an insane amount of mozzarella cheese!

I got so full eating these 2 breads. but they were delicious and lovingly made.

Thank you fishie!! :)

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