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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Herbs Update!

I have not updated my blog on the status of my herbs for a while.

They are not growing very well, because i don’t get adequate sunlight at my house, especially since now it is winter – the very max that they can get is only 2-3 hours a day and usually much less. So i’m looking into adding a grow lamp which will give them the light that they so need. but i’m going to diy that, so i’ll be going down to bunnings soon.

You can really see that they’re not doing well without enough sunlight. The chives, spring onions, thyme and rosemary are not growing much after their initial growth spurt. The only one that seems to be still resilient is the parsley.

This was the parsley about a week ago.

You can see little parsley shaped leaves growing out of the other leaves. AND LOOK! I have an albino parsley at the top left hand corner! It is absolutely white.

I took the next pictures just yesterday.

You can see the white leave obviously is unable to survive and has died down. The parsley is growing bigger and looking quite good. but i do believe that their growth is still quite slow. The rest of the herbs look exactly the same. almost no growth at all. i must get the lamp quick.

You can see next to the parsley is the chives (i think) – but look at how short and weak they look in comparison with the parsley.. they haven grown much and since it’s really cold, dry and windy outside, their tips keep yellowing and drying out. I have trimmed them and they seem to grow a little more. but a little really is a little.

Well. i can’t wait to get the lamp and give my herbs the boost it needs before they die on me. :)

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